Creating is hard work, and sometimes the realities of life can get in the way. One off day and suddenly the momentum you’d built up is gone and you feel like you’ll never get back on track.

“Want to” projects are piling up while the “completed” ones are fewer and fewer. And creating is such a solitary endeavor, so many artists think they have to do it all themselves.

But we want to put that myth to rest. No successful entrepreneur got to where they did without the help of an amazing mentor and support team. We can give you that support and guidance to help you discover how to organize and achieve your artistic dreams while you’re still able to enjoy them.

The biggest problem we’ve found among most creatives is how to balance the creative life with the everyday life, the work life, the family life. As long time creators ourselves, the coaches at have learned how to find that balance. But we’re not content to just pass this method on to you. We’re taking it further by helping you outline your goals and then breaking them down step by step so you’ll actually achieve them. We offer one on one customizable mentoring that will suit YOUR specific needs.

Ask yourself these questions and see if you’re ready to take the next step in living your best creative life:

  • Do you have so many projects you WANT to work on that you don’t know where to start?
  • Do you have so many projects you’re CURRENTLY working on that none of them ever seem to get done?
  • Do you find yourself flitting from one dead-end pursuit to another with no direction in your creative life?

We can help you get it together and start producing NOW.

Could you learn this stuff on your own? Of course. Eventually. But the skills and methods we teach at Midwest Creativity Coaching were honed over 20+ years in our various fields.

This is your chance to take a leap in your education and experience and establish some real life, provable methods for upping your productivity, getting organized, and finally unleashing that creative tension that’s been building up in you. But more importantly, it’s a chance to start living your best life NOW.

Stop watching your peers getting ahead while you’re still struggling to get that one project done, let alone the twenty you’ve got on the back burner. Learn how to do it ALL. Apply for one on one mentoring here and let us help you take, not that next step, but that next leap, and give you the tools to finally be the artist you know you are.

The Midwest Creativity Coaching mentor program is a FREE 3-month structured program to help you develop the tools to make sure you never have to suffer through another creative block, and finally start turning out some top quality work on a consistent basis.

You can’t sell art you never finish, so get started producing today.