Helping You to Consistently Produce Quality Work

Live Your Best Life

Midwest Creativity Coaching is dedicated to providing inspiration and motivation to help you think, feel, and create like a pro.

Our members have a combined total of nearly 100 years experience in various creative fields including writing, film making, music, and voice over work.  We work with educated professionals whose day jobs include teaching creative writing, as well as proofreaders and editors, filmmakers, and musicians.

The people at Midwest Creativity Coaching are dedicated to helping you become as consistently productive as possible, all in the name of helping you to live your best life.


Free Consult

We offer a free 30-60 minute phone call to help gauge your needs and determine whether or not we’ll be able to help. Our service is not for everyone, and we know that, so we want to make sure we’re the right fit first.

Get Organized then Get Busy!

At Midwest Creativity Coaching, we’ve developed several techniques to help you set up productivity schedules that fit your unique lifestyle.  We provide motivation and inspiration as well as giving you access to people who’ve done it before and can help guide you on your path.  Whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for years but have lost your passion, we can help.

Goal Setting

As part of our service, Midwest Creativity Coaching will help you organize your goals and schedule them in a realistic, achievable order by working with an accountability partner to help you meet your deadlines.