Last week we talked about adjectives. YOUR adjectives, more specifically, and what words you wanted people to use when describing you. This week we’ll take a look at the other A-word: adverbs.

Everyone says you shouldn’t use them, but everyone does. And sometimes adverbs can work to your advantage. Obviously, I’m not talking about in your writing. I mean in life. In goals.

Adverbs can help to add a little flavor and mood to your goals if, instead of saying, “I will finish my new novel in 90 days,” you say, “I will EASILY finish my new novel in 90 days.” Or, “I will HAPPILY write 1000 words every day.” Or “I will eagerly get on that treadmill every morning.”

Sometimes stating what you’re going to do isn’t enough and you need to give yourself a boost. What other adverbs can you use to motivate yourself everyday and keep on top of your goals?

Effortlessly is great one. I will effortlessly learn a new song on the guitar in February.

I will gladly put away some of my check into a savings account every payday.

Enthusiastically. Readily. Cheerfully. Whatever word it takes to help you face those goals every day without letting the weight of them tear you down. Use them, that’s what they’re there for. Whatever it takes to achieve your goals, use the tools at your disposal. Even adverbs.