When you think adjectives, what comes to mind? I don’t mean like a RED house or PURPLE rain or AMAZING Spider-Man or FANTASTIC four. I mean personally, I mean for you.

When you think of yourself and your work, when you think of your goals and the life you want to build, what adjectives do you see being associated with that person?

Personally, I’d like to see myself described as “committed,” “devoted”, “determined.” But the only way anyone will ever associate these words with me is if I live up to them.

I’ve been writing since 1991 and I didn’t publish my first story until Summer 1999, and I didn’t make any serious money from my fiction until 2013. But I kept going, at my desk almost every day of the year for at least two hours, writing, trying, working.

It wasn’t always easy and, yes, sometimes that urge to just say to hell with it was strong. But I never did it. Because I knew back in 1991 when I wrote my first real story, this was it, this was me, I was a writer. The only thing to do then was to write, and to keep on writing.

Eventually, I believed, something would happen and I would see my fiction in print.

But first I had to commit, I had to devote myself to writing, I had to be determined to make this work.

The problem with this, though, is that, once you start, with the intention of being seen as committed, devoted and determined … you can’t stop. Because once you do, you’re none of those things, you’re a quitter. And who wants THAT word hanging over their head? It’s not even an adjective, Quitter is a noun and it’s no longer a word used to describe what KIND of person you are, it’s now ALL you are.

Him? Oh yeah, he used to write, he seemed pretty committed for a while. What happened? Oh, he quit. He’s a quitter.

This goes for all of your goals, no matter what they are. Once you’ve determined your goals and mapped out how you’re going to achieve them, what adjectives to you want being used to describe you in association with those goals? Committed? Devoted? Determined? Or better still, Successful?

Or are you, in the end, just going to be another quitter? The world is lousy with quitters. Everyone has quit something in their life. But how many people do you know, by name, who are real winners, living the life they set out to live through sheer commitment, devotion and determination?

Be one of those guys. Once you decide on your goals, keep going, one day at a time, one step at a time, until you come through the other end a success.